Hasan Ataseven, Trademark and Patent Attorney, has been carrying on his experience and services in the sector at Söz Patent Ltd. for 25 years.

it is a principle to provide fast, accurate and economical service to its clients for what is called industrial rights such as Trademark, Patent, Utility Model and Industrial Design.

We aim to increase the competitive power of our clients in our country and the world economy by protecting the technological inventions and brands of our firms in the light of their experience in the field of industrial rights.

We consider our clients to be business partners and promise a close cooperation based on honesty, principle working and trustworthy.

In this direction, we work in coordination with our expert team members and our technological infrastructure and foreign brands and patent attorneys for your transactions abroad.

We aim to contribute to the work of our clients in all aspects of intellectual and industrial rights in line with the needs of our country, which aims to be one of the world's 10 largest economies.

In ever-changing competitive environment, we calculate the risks with preliminary work done at the beginning, we inform you and we take measures against possible risks.