A trademark is included any and all kinds of printable, reproducible, reproducible, reproducible or similar representations of words, forms, letters, numbers, forms or packages, including names of persons, including names of individuals, provided that they do not distinguish the goods or services of an operator from the goods or services of another. .

Brand Registration Steps and Durations

Trademark Registration Transactions are completed within 8-12 months on average.

A) Research and Review Time

The average duration of research and investigation is 1-3 months in terms of absolute reasons by TPE. If there are no obstacles to the application in question and the review results in a positive result, the trademark will be announced in the Official Trademark Bulletin.

B) Publication in the Official Brand Bulletin Time: The period of legal advertisement in the Brand News is 3 months. Information of other brand owners is made during the announcement period to use the appeal rights of similar brand owners. If there is no objection, registration will be passed to the stage of registration.

C) Registration Phase: In the absence of any objection, deficiencies of documents and fees shall be paid within the statutory period of the TPE.

Registered marks may be preserved for an indefinite period of 10 years with the date of application. No renewal of the trademark application is required.

Brand types

According to Decree Law No. 556 on Protection of Brands, the types of brands to be registered are shown below.

Common Brand: It is a sign that distinguishes a group of goods or services from other goods or services, including production or trade or service businesses. For example, four cheese companies, including the same group, sell their cheeses under the same brand. The common brand may be the subject of any legal process.

Guaranty Brand: It is a sign that many businesses under the control of the trademark owner can guarantee the common features, production methods, geographical origins and quality of those businesses.

Trademark: Trademarks made by an enterprise to manufacture and / or trade are marks that distinguish goods from other businesses.

Service mark: A mark that distinguishes services of an enterprise from another ones.

More than one natural or legal person may register their names and titles together with the trade mark and / or service mark that they want to use together. The same trademark registration can be made as a result of different companies applying for different TPE Trademark Classes.