Utility Model

Innovations that are new in Turkey and in the world and can be applied to the industry, the recognition of the right to produce and market the subject matter of this invention (10 years) to the owners. The process of issuing useful model documents is more convenient both in terms of time and expense than in granting patents.

The use of useful model protection is simple and cheap, especially for small and medium-sized industrialists and research institutes, which are thought to make inventions and encourage them to apply industrialization.

On the other hand, there is a danger that the innovations of small and medium-sized enterprises, especially today, can be imitated by virtue of the same competition.

These small and medium-sized enterprises, if modest, will serve to preserve their economic assets by providing these inventions with useful model documentation. In other words, useful model protection is designed to take a quicker and faster function than patent protection against the acts of violation. On the other hand, in addition to the matters which can’t be patented, the methods and the products obtained as a result of these methods are not given useful model documents about the chemical substances.