Abroad Trademark Registration

Trademarks are protected only in the countries where they are registered. There is no registration system covering the whole world with a single application. In particular, we need to register our trademarks in every country where our companies exporting their own brand, goods they send or have seen as a market.

Why should you make a trademark registration abroad?

Segregation of your goods at customs or within the borders of that country,

Prevention of your sales with your brand or prevention of  your service in the related country,

It prevents the risks of Compensation and penalty cases

Country brand name registration:

If the country / countries for which registration is requested abroad are not included in any collective registration system

If the registered trademark abroad is not yet registered/applied in Turkey

If the trademark requested abroad is different from the trademark applied / registered in Turkey in terms of class, logo, color

There is a requirement that national trademark registrations must be made through the patent agent of the relevant country. Söz patent is working abroad with well-known, reliable and experienced professionals.

Registration procedure, process and costs of foreign trademark applications to be made on a country basis differ according to each country.

International Trademark Registration under the Madrid Protocol:

Trademark registration transactions carried out under the Madrid Protocol, where Turkey is a member, is the most preferred international trademark registration system carried out by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

Within 18 months from the date of international publication, the registration of the mark becomes final.


Applications can be made in more than one country with a single application, and a single fee is charged for all transactions.

There is no obligation to appoint an overseas representative unless a rejection / non-complaint / appeal is received from any of the countries for which registration is requested, and transactions are carried out through a single center (WIPO).

Even if the trademark is rejected in some of the countries where the trademark registration is requested, the registration process continues in other countries.

Requests for amendments and changes to the international registration can be made with one application.

Once the registration is obtained, the applicant may apply for new entrants to the system in order to expand the scope of the owner's protection, or for countries which have not been previously requested.

EUTM (European Union Trademark) Registration System:

It is a system of collective registration of trademarks encompassing the European Union countries, which is carried out by the Internal Market Compliance Office (OHIM). In the absence of any negativity, the registration process is approximately 8-10 months.


With a single application, the European Union provides trademark registration throughout the member countries.

It is more economical and practical than national applications.

Use in a single member country is sufficient.

Registration, renewal, other transactions (change of address, transfer, application for appeal, cancellation, etc.) can be realized in all member countries with one application. Therefore, it is an easy and low cost way according to the country registration.

The only practice in legal disputes; Shall be valid in all member states of the court order issued by any of the member countries.

There is no requirement that the mark has been previously applied / registered in another country.

OAPI (African Union) Registration System:

It is a collective registration system consisting of 17 member countries in South Africa. In case of no negativity, the registration process is about 2 years.